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The Rev. Darrell LaRue Armstrong is only the 3rd Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church (Trenton, NJ) in the last 111 years! (ref. www.ShilohTrenton.org) Shiloh (and it's community development corporation) is a thriving community of faith rooted in the African American worship tradition, with a budget of nearly $3M serving nearly 600 families in the Greater Trenton Community and around the world.


The father of two wonderful teenage children, the Reverend Darrell L. Armstrong is committed to the notion that strengthening families is a strategy for preventing child abuse and neglect. Having spent most of his childhood in foster and kinship care in South Central Los Angeles, he knows all too well the effects of family disruption and dysfunction. 

His professional and personal experiences illustrate his commitment to cross-sector engagement. In his 20th year of service to his congregation, he is only the third pastor of the historic Shiloh Baptist Church, (Trenton, NJ), in the last 115 years! His visionary leadership has propelled Shiloh to create a “Spiritual Family Empowerment Zone,” a large-scale neighborhood revitalization and community development effort which projects $50M in urban investments.


From 2006 to 2009, he served as the director of the Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships for the NJ Department of Children & Families, where he oversaw a budget of $100M-plus of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention programs. 


He is an entrepreneur, having founded the Institute for Clergy Training, a research and training agency, which partners with multi-sector agencies on a variety of topics related to leadership, child and social welfare. 


Currently, he serves as a consultant to or board member on several non-profit organizations which promotes safe, stable, and nurturing families and communities. This list is inclusive of, but not limited to the following organizations: 


=> Princeton Theological Seminary, where he made history by being the first non-Presbyterian appointed to the board in the school’s 200-plus year history. 


=> Prevent Child Abuse America, the oldest and most widely-networked child welfare and family advocacy agency in the United States; 


=> Baptist World Alliance, for which he was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer to the United Nations, representing his denomination as a global ambassador on various child and family related issues. 


The Rev. Armstrong’s policy training at Stanford University, theological training at Princeton Theological Seminary, and therapeutic and clinical training at the College of New Jersey, have uniquely situated him as a respected voice and leader in the national and international child welfare and family strengthening communities.


One of his greatest honors was carrying the Olympic torch in December, 2001 in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, which were held in Salt Lake City, UT, a run he dedicated to America’s children in foster care. 



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